Why choose APC Languages?

APC: A piece of cake is an English expression that means something is extremely easy (¡pan comido!) and this is how we want learning English to feel for all of our students.

At “APC Languages” language academy we guarantee that each and every one of our teachers is native, equally professional and experienced and our style of teaching has been developed over many years of practice, training and focus.
As children we remember our summer holidays in foreign countries, being at the beach or by the pool. In less than 30 minutes we would have made a group of friends from all over the world despite having no spoken words in common. We could play all day, inventing games, laughing, really getting to know each other and making real friendships.
As adults many of us lose this confidence and ability to communicate. At APC Languages we endeavour to break down the walls we have created in ourselves and remind our students of the importance of communication between people no matter the language.
When you realize that each and every one of us WANTS to be understood and WANTS to understand, learning becomes something very different, no matter what the goal of our students, whether it be for business, studies, travel or simply as an interest.

Get a “hunger” for English!

At APC Languages, our professional and passionate approach to English means that classes are well prepared, with emphasis put on our students and their individual needs.

  • Dynamic, informative and fun classes!
  • Focus on fluency, use and pronunciation of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Emphasis on building students confidence.
  • Fully trained, native teachers.
  • Personalized classes (groups of maximum 6 students)

We want YOU to speak English!!!

APC Languages

Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Katherine Klemm the founder and director of APC Languages

After over 10 years of successfully teaching English to all ages and levels of students, I felt it was the right time to open my unique academy, putting into practise my experience and creating a place where students can really learn in a fun, dynamic and motivating environment. Now I have a place where I can share my passion for teaching and the language itself with other teachers, as well as the students themselves.

In Spain, the biggest challenge people face with English is in SPEAKING!

This is the bases of every class we give. We all want to help our students have a voice, feel confident in communicating as well as having a real understanding of grammar and its appropriate use.
I am very proud of what I have created at APC Languages and look forward to sharing it with you!

APC Languages

About us

We are an English academy based in Barcelona. We offer a wide range of courses according to our students level and their needs. We also fit the schedule in order to be accesible to them.


Telephone:  605 671 766
Opening h.: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 21:00
Or contact us here

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