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In confidence

Wednesday´s Expression of the Day! In confidence : en confianza Examples: I can´t tell you as he told me in confidence. (No te puedo decir como el me dijo en confianza.) Can I tell you something in confidence? (¿Puedo decirte algo en confianza?) You shouldn´t have...

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A piece of cake

The expression a piece of cake is used to describe something which is seen to be extremely easy to do. In Spanish, the expression "Pan comido" is used in the same way. First of all, how do we pronounce it? Using a phonetic table: A  /ə/ piece /piːs/ of /əv/ cake...

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Not even

  Monday's word of the day! Not even : ni siquiera. Examples: No one went to the meeting on Monday, not even Bob! (Nadie fue a la reunión del lunes, ni siquiera Bob!) I haven´t even told my mum the news yet. (Ni siquiera le he dicho a mi madre la noticia todavía.) My...

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  Word of the day! Hesitate : Dudar. Please don´t hesitate to contact me for further information. (Por favor no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo para obtener más información.) She didn´t hesitate in accepting the promotion. (Ella no dudó en aceptar la...

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To not be able to help it

  Expression of the day! to not be able to help it! / no poder evitarlo. Don´t lose your temper with him, he can´t help it. (No pierdas la paciencia con él, no lo puede evitar) I know you don´t want me to say anything to her about this, but I don´t think I will...

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Helpful tips for learning English!

  1. Relax, breath, and go for it! For a lot of people, the fear of speaking and not being understood is real. It is also natural and one of the biggest reasons people don´t progress and reach their full potential! Remember, practice makes perfect! The more you...

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To be about

  Wednesday´s expression of the day! to be about : tratar de / es sobre Examples: Finding Nemo is about a little fish that gets lost in the ocean. (Buscando a Nemo se trata de un pequeño pez que se pierde en el océano.) His email was about the meeting next week....

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  Monday's word of the day! Helpful (adjective) : Útil / Servicial Examples: The lady I spoke with on the telephone really was so helpful, I am going to let her manager know! (La señora con que hablé por teléfono realmente era muy servicial, voy a hacerselo saber...

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work it out

Wednesday´s (belated) expression of the day! work it out : resolverlo Examples: We can work it out! (¡Lo podemos resolver!) We have finally managed to work it out. (Por fin hemos conseguido resolverlo.) How did you work it out? (¿Como lo resolviste?) Can you use it?...

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  Monday´s word of the day! guilty : culpable Examples: You have a guilty look on your face! (¡Tienes cara de culpable!) Henry has been feeling very guilty about eating his colleague´s lunch! (Henry se ha sentido muy culpable por comer el almuerzo de su colega!)...

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What about

Wednesday´s Expression of the day: How about…? : Que tal si...? Examples: Helen: Where shall we go tonight? Colin: How about the cinema? (Helen: ¿Donde vamos esta noche? Colin: ¿Que tal si al cine?) How about inviting James to the party? (¿Que tal si invitamos a James...

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Monday´s word of the day! goal : objectivo / meta I reached many of my goals last year. (Alcancé muchos de mis objetivos el año pasado) Carol is so close to her goal now, she shouldn´t give up. (Carol está tan cerca de su meta ahora, no debe darse por vencido.) Have...

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