Interview preparation & Curriculum Vitae

APC Languages offers specialized classes to help you prepare for an interview in English, these have proven to be very successful.
Practice and perfect answers for all types of interview questions.
Telephone practice for interviews and otherwise.
Help with your curriculum vitae: we will help you to write and be able to talk confidently about yourself and your work experience.
Class can be tailored to your personal needs.
Do you have an interview soon?
Call us for some last minute practice in person.

The best teachers you can get

We guarantee that each and every one of our teachers is native, equally professional and experienced. We understand the importance of getting the right teacher for each individual client and work hard to make sure your teacher is the right one for you!

We Want YOU To Speak English!

Learn English at a price that scales with your needs

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What our students say
Durante el tiempo que llevo estudiando con la profesora de APC Languages, siento que mi inglés es mucho más fluido y eso me hace sentir más cómodo y seguro cuando trabajo en entornos internacionales.
Cesar Ruano

Me acuerdo de mi primera clase particular que tuve con la profesora de APC Languages, una de las preguntas que me hizo fue: ¿cuánto tiempo hace que estudias inglés? Mi respuesta: toda la vida y todavía no lo hablo. Tan sólo unas semanas más tarde me vi pasando horas hablando como dos amigas, ganando fluidez y comodidad.
Laura Destree

APC Languages

About us

We are an English academy based in Barcelona. We offer a wide range of courses according to our students level and their needs. We also fit the schedule in order to be accesible to them.


Telephone:  605 671 766
Opening h.: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 21:00
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