Kids & Teens

APC Languages offer opportunities for students to improve their English language skills in fun, interactive ways. We will Find an activity they like and help them enjoy learning English!
Kids’ group classes
Maximum 8 students
At APC Languages, kids’ group classes are dynamic, fun and interactive! We will sing songs, play games, role play and act.
Our classrooms each have a theme so as to inspire imaginations and creativity.
All of our teachers have a lot of experience working with kids; our focus is on creating a genuine love for English in all our students.
Not only will children learn our language, have fun and be creative but they will also learn about working in a team.
Teens’ group classes
Maximum 6 students
At APC Languages teens can enjoy fun, creative, innovative and dynamic classes.
Our classes are 100% interactive with students’ learning new skills and putting them into practice each week.
We are aware that many teens often need extra motivation to keep their interest in English alive so we put high importance on focusing our classes on real interests.
Our objective is for students to look forward to classes and reach their full potential, both in knowledge and fluency.

Groups (4 students max.)

  • Level based groups (students will be required to take a level test before being allocated their group)
  • Oral based classes with focus on fluency.
  • NATIVE, qualified and motivated teachers
  • Personalized classes.
  • Emphasis on students´ CONFIDENCE

One to one

These classes will be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the student. A detailed LEVEL TEST and ORAL EVALUATION allows us to create your specialized course!

Benefits of one- to- one classes:

  • Possibility of making up missed classes.
  • Faster improvement.
  • Flexibility of timetable.

Private group classes

If you have other friends or colleagues who would like to join in forming your own group we will more than happy to provide classes either in the academy or at a place of your choice.

The best teachers you can get

we guarantee that each and every one of our teachers is native, equally professional and experienced and our style of teaching has been developed over many years of practice, training and focus.
We Want YOU To Speak English!

Learn English at a price that scales with your needs

You can sing in only yourself, or with your own group

To know more about our courses, we can send you a personalized quote.
You can request more information by completing the form above.

What our students say
Sóc mare d’un alumne de 10 anys de l’acadèmia APC Languages. Hi va en un grup reduït d’amics desde que l’acadèmia va començar. Estem molt contents amb la predisposició, amabilitat i adaptació de l’acadèmia a les necessitats i horaris dels nens i les famílies. Un dia el meu fill em va dir: “¡A l’acadèmia aprenem més en un dia que en una setmana al cole!” Ariadna Selga Perez

La calidad del profesorado es estupenda, minimizando las dificultades que muchos tenemos a la hora de afrontar el aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma, desarrollando nuestras habilidades y creando el clima necesario para que esas horas de clase no sean pesadas, al contrario, puedas disfrutar al mismo tiempo que percibes como vas mejorando tu comprensión, tu vocabulario y tu expresión. Román Crespo

APC Languages

About us

We are an English academy based in Barcelona. We offer a wide range of courses according to our students level and their needs. We also fit the schedule in order to be accesible to them.


Telephone:  605 671 766
Opening h.: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 21:00
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