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Listening Level: HIGH ¦ Cabin Crew – Flying 3

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Study steps:
1) Listen to the interview with Daisy and decide if the sentence below are TRUE OR FALSE.
2) Listen again and check your answers
3) Check answers at the bottom of page
4) Listen again while you read the transcript.

Please ask any questions in the comments section and I will answer them for you asap!

a) Airlines always have newspapers available for flyers.
b) You should avoid wearing flip flops and shorts on a plane
c) You will get cold as soon as you enter the aircraft.
d) People often tell her that she is outgoing and talkative.
e) Shy people are suited to being Cabin Crew
f) You should bow when royalty come onboard and make a special effort to talk to them.





K – What recommendations can you give to Flyers to make their flight and yours, of course, smoother?

D – Well, come prepared, as, well, I always do it but of course, that’s my profession and it comes naturally to me and one should never go on a plane without plenty of water, plenty of reading material, pens, maybe a newspaper just in case the airline doesn’t give you one cause most airlines will give you a newspaper or magazines some won´t. And then comfortable attire and also not flipflops and shorts and T-shirts because we need to maintain the air-cooling system flowing through the aircraft and then you will get cold eventually. So, I would always bring a little jacket or a cardigan or a pashmina even in the middle of summer and, like long trousers and closed shoes, not just sandals because you will get cold.

K – That´s good advice, I´ve got cold quite a few times on planes and don´t learn my lesson. Oh, what kind of person do you think would be suitable for the job?

D – Well you have to be and extroverted person, you have to be outgoing, and you have to like dealing with the public. Like some people are better suited to being maybe in an office and working with a computer, you have to be liking what you do, you have to be outgoing and have a bubbly personality, which I have been told so many times that I do have.
And you know, a shy person or an introverted person wouldn´t be suited for a job like that cause you are in the line of fire all the time.

K – OK, and I don´t k now if you can answer this question but I assume being in business class and first class you must see some famous people. Can you tell us about any of them?

D- Yeah, we´ve carried all sorts. We´ve carried Popstars, Musicians, Politicians, Royalty, we´ve had Prince Michael of Kent, we´ve had Sarah Ferguson, Sophie Duchess of Wessex. Or is it Countess of Wessex, I can´t remember. Anyway, and we´ve had a few actors like Dame Judie Dench and Alan Cumming and John Major, the former Prime minister, who actually flew out the same flight as flew back so we carried him both ways. And yeah so, allegedly, you can´t talk to royalty unless they address you so, but yeah, if somebody comes into the galley and talks to you and addresses you then, yeah. And most of them are quite down to earth and natural, you know, they do know their status but they are very nice people most of them, I´ve experienced.

K – Well, daisy, that was a fantastic interview, thank you so much and I´ll definitely be asking you some more questions later on.

D – My pleasure.


ANSWERS: a) F b) c) F d) T e)F  f)F

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