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Info: Stevie is from Hull, England 

Study steps:
1) Listen to Stevie talking about Barcelona and his business and mark the sentences below either TRUE or FALSE.
2) Listen again and check your answers
3) Check answers at the bottom of page
4) Listen again while you read the transcript.

Please ask any questions in the comments section and I will answer them for you asap!

a) The Kayaking tour is one of their two flagship tours.
b) The walking tours have a small fee.
c) They offer a wide range of tours including bike tours.
d) Stevie thinks their guides are the best in the city.
e) The boat will be 41 this year.
f) The boat can have a total of 10 people on board.
g) You need to be at least 2 people to book onto the boat tours
h) Stevie will sail alone in October to Formentera .



K – Kat
S – Stevie

K – I’m back with Stevie from Excursions Barcelona. So, is the Kayaking your flagship tour?

S- 100%. We’re trying to change that. We’ve…recently, we’ve bought a sailboat, so we have an eleven metre sailboat which we keep in Port Olympic. So, now we are doing sailing tour as well. So just short sailing tours. It’s a very very new adventure for us and we are kind of hoping that this will be joint flagship with the kayaking tour so….let’s see!

K- Ok, and how can people contact you, how can people find out about your tours?

S- Well, the best thig is to visit our website, which is On this website we have a listing of all of our tours that we do. So, we have the kayaking tour, we have the sailing tours and we’ve got a few other tours as well, we’ve got some cultural tours within the city such as a free walking tour and city bike tours as well.

K- OK, fantastic! So if any of our students want to learn a bit more about the city they they could take advantage of one of your tours in English.

S- They really really could and they really really should because we have some of the best guides in the world, of course.

K- So, you said that you bought a boat this year.

S – Absolutely and it’s a very very beautiful boat. Ironically, it’s a British boat. So, its from 1978, s its 40 years old, the same age as me, so it’s a a very special year. We are celebrating our birthdays together this year.
And we are doing small tours at the moment. So, the tours last between two and three hours, it has a limit of 8 people on the boat. So, the captain, the skipper and plus 8 people and we have private tours which means that you can have a beautiful, romantic sunset tour with the sunsetting over the back of Montjuic. It’s very very beautiful and we have the open group fun tours as well, which means that it is open to everybody.

K- Ok, so it’s not got to be all from the same group that can book? You can book as an individual person as well?

S- No, exactly, we have the private tours, which basically means you have the whole boat to yourself. Or you can have, if you want to have an experience and meet people from all around the world then that’s an option as well.

K- Ah, that sounds great. I know that you’re a keen sailor, Stevie. Do you manage to get out on the boat yourself?

S- I do, I try to get on the boat as much as I can in fact, when we have larger groups, sometimes the Skipper needs a helping hand so I do help them with that. And also, hopefully this October, I’ll be taking the boat on a personal tour around Formentera for a week so, I’m kind of looking forward to that.

K- Wow, are you going alone?

S- No, I’ll be going with the Skipper and we’ll be inviting some friends, including yourself, Kat.

K – Oooh! Ok, we’ve got that invitation on recording. I’ll not forget it. Stevie thank you so much for letting me interview you. I’m sure everybody will be really interested to hear about your company and if you want to check out more about it, the website is

S- Perfect, thank you so much, Kat!



ANSWERS : a)F b) F c) T d) F e)F f) T g)F h)F

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