Not even

by Mar 10, 20160 comments

Monday’s word of the day!
Not even : ni siquiera.

No one went to the meeting on Monday, not even Bob!
(Nadie fue a la reunión del lunes, ni siquiera Bob!)

I haven´t even told my mum the news yet.
(Ni siquiera le he dicho a mi madre la noticia todavía.)

My flatmate can´t cook, seriously, she can´t even cook a pizza!
(Mi compañera de piso no sabe cocinar, en serio, ni siquiera sabe hacer una pizza!)

Doug: I have never read Shakespear.
Grace: Really? Haven´t you even read Romeo and Juilette?
(Doug: Nunca he leído a Shakespeare.
Grace: ¿En serio? Ni siquiera has leído Romeo y Julieta?)

She was so angry, she wouldn´t even look at me!
(Ella estaba tan enojada, que ni siquiera me miraba!)

Can you use it? Try it, it´s a piece of cake!

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