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Find out

por Abr 20, 20160 Comentarios

Phrasal verb of the day! Find out: descubrir / averiguar

Do you know what I found out yesterday?
(¿Sabes lo que strong>descubrí ayer?)

strong>I found out that Jenny has quit her job.
(strong>Descubrí que Jenny ha dejado su trabajo.)

strong>Could you find out when the train leaves?
(¿strong>Podrías averiguar cuando sale el tren?)

I will try strong>to find out if anyone knows.
(Voy a tratar de strong>averiguar si alguien sabe.)

strong>Have you found out if there will be a party this year?
(¿strong>Has averiguado si habrá una fiesta este año?)

For a video to practice the pronunciation, click here:

Can you use it? Try it, it´s a piece of cake!

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