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Flat for sale – real estate vocabulary (low)

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  • Listen to the audio
  • Read the comprehension questions then listen again.
  • Answer questions
  • Listen again to check your answers.
  • Check answers (under transcript)
  • Listen again while you read the transcript.


Comprehension Questions:

  1. How many bedroomsdoes the flat have?
  2. What is big and bright in the flat?
  3. Can you name two features of the kitchen?
  4. What can you enjoy from the balcony?
  5. Does the building have an elevator?
  6. What are two nearby amenities mentioned in the text?
  7. Is the price of the flat fixed or negotiable?










For Sale: Modern Flat with Great Views

Welcome to this modern flat that’s up for sale! It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The living room is big and bright, with a window that lets you see the city.

The kitchen has new appliances and space to eat meals. There’s also a balcony where you can sit and enjoy the view.

This flat is in a building that has an elevator and is close to the subway and shops. It’s a good place for families or friends to live.

Price: It’s a good deal and we can talk about the price.



  1. The flat has three bedrooms.
  2. The living room is described as big and bright.
  3. The kitchen features new appliances and space to eat meals.
  4. From the balcony, you can enjoy the view of the city.
  5. Yes, the building has an elevator.
  6. The flat is close to the subway and shops.
  7. The price of the flat is negotiable.
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