Monday’s Word of the day!
Force : obligar a


He forced me to tell him where you were.
(Me obligó a decirle donde estabas)

Jack´s parents forced him to go to Scouts every week.
(Los padres de Jack le obligaron a ir a Scouts cada semana)

Whose parents forced them to eat their vegetable when they were a child?
(¿Cuyos padres le obligaron a comer las verduras de niño?)

The robber forced the cashier to put all the money in the bag
(El ladron olbigó al cajero a poner todo el dinero en el bolso)

You can´t force me to go to the party if I don´t want to
(No me puedes obligar a ir a la fiesta si no quiero)

Can you use it? Try it, it´s a piece of cake!

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