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Idioms with SKY

por Ago 29, 20210 Comentarios

Here are three useful and common expressions including the word sky: 


Meaning :

the phrase the sky is the limit means there is nothing to prevent someone or something from being successful. There is no apparent limit, Anything is possible!

Examples of use:

  • Order whatever you want tonight , the sky´s the limit!
  • Johnny is so bright, he´ll be able to do anything he puts his mind to, the sky´s the limit!
  • If you make an extra effort this year with your English, you´ll make huge improvements, the sky´s the limit!



Meaning : something that is nice to imagine but unattainable

Examples of use:

  • My parents laughed when I told them I wanted to be an actress, they said it was a pie in the sky dream.
  • He tells me he wants to buy a Rolls Royce but it´s pie in the sky!
  • Buying my own house is just pie in the sky for now.



Meaning: Go extremely high. Generally used for prices or confidence.

Examples of use:

  • It´s impossible to buy a house here, prices have gone sky high since the Olympics were held here.
  • I can´t meet you at that restaurant I´m afraid, the prices are sky high!
  • Lucy´s confidence has been sky high since Doug asked out.
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