Listening Level : MID | Career and retirement- Past and present

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Study steps:
1) Listen to the interview with Carl and mark the following statements as True (T) or False (F)
2) Listen again and check your answers
3) Check answers at the bottom of page
4) Listen again while you read the transcript. Please ask any questions in the comments section and I will answer them for you asap!

1) Carl has worked in the same company for 50 years
2) Carl started working in Toyota just before they moved to the UK.
3) Carl worked in Quality and Manufactuing.
4) Carl wanted to take early retirement
5) Carl set up his own Consultancy business.
6) A limited company is less risky for your personal money
7)Carl helps employees and top management to work together.
8) Carl regrets not doing it earlier.
9) Carl thinks people who do this type of work to make a living are crazy.
10) Carl is happy with his new business.


Hi! My name is Carl, I´m 67 years old and I worked in the Automotive Industry for nearly 50 years. The first half, I had two careers, the first half was in General Motors in Europe and that was for 23 and a half years and the second half was in Toyota in Europe when they first moved to the UK. During that time, I worked in Quality and in Manufacturing and also a lot of the time I was in management, but I retired in 19… I beg your pardon… I retired in 2015 in December and didn´t really want to retire but the UK Taxman was eating great pieces of my pension and so I had to retire otherwise I would lose money for my retirement pay.

Anyway, I wasn´t ready to finish so I got the idea of using my experience to try and help other companies to improve their performance and so I started my own business and it´s a Management Consultancy. It´s based at home, it’s a private business, limited business as we say in the UK which means I´m not putting my personal income at stake if there´s a problem it … only the business money takes the responsibility. And I have been working for some big companies, Volvo and The National Grid in the UK and recently for a big Steel manufacturing company and what is do is just work with the management top team and whoever they nominate to find ways of connecting the management of the organisation with the people of the organisation.

So, it´s a very effective system, so far it´s a success, I don´t think I would want to do it if I hadn´t already had a good pension, I think it´s quite a risky thing for people to do as a normal living but I know many people do that and I think they are very brave. Anyway, I have been doing it for two years and so far, I´ve enjoyed every minute of it.

ANSWERS: 1)F 2)F 3)T 4)F 5)T 6)T 7)T 8)F 9)F 10)T

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