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Sacar un tema

por Sep 7, 20160 Comentarios

Wednesday’s Phrasal verb of the day!
Bring up : sacar un tema


I am going to bring up the cleaning with my housemate when I next speak to him
(Voy a sacar el tema de limpieza con mi compañero de piso la próxima vez que hable con él)

Did he bring it up?
(¿Sacó el tema?)

It was brought up in the meeting
(Sacaron el tema en la reunión)

He always brings up money and I don´t like it.
(Siempre saca el tema del dinero y no me gusta)

Have you brought it up with him yet?
(¿Has sacado el tema con el ya?)

Can you use it? Try it, it´s a piece of cake!

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