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Tough taf

por Jun 20, 20160 Comentarios

Monday’s Word of the day!
Tough / taf/ : duro/ difícil


The restaurant was nice but my steak was a bit tough. (El restaurante estaba bien, pero la carne era un poco dura)

The second question on the exam was tough. It took me a while to answer it.
(La segunda pregunta del el examen fue dura. Me tomó un tiempo para responderla.)

Climbing mount Everest is extremely tough. (Escalar el monte Everest es sumamente difícil)

The competition is tough (la competencia es dura)

I had a tough day yesterday but today is much better (Ayer tuve un día duro pero ho yes mucho mejor)

Can you use it? Try it, it´s a piece of cake!

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